A Chicken in Minecraft

The Chicken class is a melee-ranged gem class. It is a extremely powerful class if you learn how to aim its explosive eggs and use them correctly. The Chicken costs a total of 50 gems to unlock.


  • Wooden Sword (Sharpness 1, Knockback 1, 5.25 Attack Damage)
  • Eggs (10) - Explode on impact.
  • Leather Armor


  • Able to throw explosive eggs
  • Makes chicken sounds when hit (For a bit of a unique characteristic)


When playing the chicken make your way to the high ground on maps and hold your position. When you encounter a powerful melee class, throw 2 or 3 of the eggs at them to weaken them, and then go in for the kill with your sword. Don't snipe oponents with the eggs or spam them, instead try to conserve them.

Don't be afraid to get into a melee battle with no eggs, because the chicken is a powerful melee class on its own. It is advised not to use the eggs on weaker melee classes or on ranged classes, instead just charge them with your sword.

You may also want to play on Nether Fortress or strong hold because there are tunnels that you can corner people in, so you finish them off with the eggs and are going to be hard to avoid! It is also advised to attack other players frequently, as the wood sword does decent damage.


  • Before the Maptastic Update, there was a chance to get Chicken by choosing "Random". The eggs however, did not explode.
  • This used to be the only class that had full leather armor.
  • It is often classed as TNT's counterpart.
  • The owner of the head is called MHF_Chicken.