CherryGrove is a map for the Super Craft Brothers map. It is composed of a Japanese temple (called a pagoda), with trees made out of pink wool. You can find it in the SCB maps section ; it is free to play.


If you are using a ranged class, you could use the top of the temple or the top of one of the big pink trees as a good camping and sniping spot. You can easily get on top of the trees or on the pagoda by using the double jump, so you don't necessarily need Ender Pearls.

If you are using a melee class, take a class that deals a lot of damage (like Iron Golem or Herobrine) because Knockback isn't really useful on this map; the trees block the way to the ledges.


  • It was introduced in the Maptastic Update, in May of 2013.
  • To the right of the score board it was possible to be hit off this map with the hammer and respawn without dying, many people call it a hack when people do this as they teleport to a random spot just like respawning. This has now been fixed
  • On the small island is a cave, if you go down the cave to the bottom block and look in the gap you can see legs. it is currently unkown who's they are.