Part of the 8 original classes, this spiky class will deal damage from all sides. I guess you could say..."ouch"


Equipment Edit

Wooden Sword - Sharpness 1, Knockback 1 (Renamed Spikey Sword)

Leather Leggings - (Green)

Leather Boots - (Green) Feather Falling 10, Protection 3

Leather Chestplate - Thorns 3 (Renamed Spikey Chestplate)

Abilities / Damage Edit

  • Spikey Chestplate has a 50% chance to deal 2 damage / 1 heart to the attacker
  • 4 damage / 2 hearts (Spikey Sword)

Strategies Edit

Try to take on 1v1 fights and avoid getting lured to the edge. When against ranged classes, strafe to avoid arrows and take on the fight head on. You can even win strong classes like GingerBreadMan and Notch. Being good at PvP in general will help a lot with this class.

Trivia Edit

  • This was one of the original classes made by SethBling
  • The Spikey Chestplate used to receive Protection 3 - higher than other classes.