The Gold Golem wields a golden axe with very high Knockback. It also has 10 "butter balls" which are gold blocks that can explode when thrown, Butter Golem was introduced along with squid in the butter update. This class was removed as of the For The Love of SCB Update.


Equipment Edit

  • Golden Axe (renamed Butter Axe of Harming) - Knockback III (does 1.5 hearts of damage per hit)
  • Gold Blocks (renamed Butter Balls) - can be thrown as grenades (10)
  • Armor Leather (yellow)


  • Explosive Gold Blocks


Try to knock people off with the axe, because it doesn't do a lot of damage. When two people are fighting, you can use the butter balls to kill one of them and finish by knocking the other off. This class is very good on the map with a lot of holes, like Stronghold or Village. The Butter Golem class also does well in small maps, like NightDragon and ClockWork


  • This isn't actually a real mob in Minecraft!
  • This "mob" was used in one of Bodils epic jump maps - EJM butter edition.
  • Butter Golem is known as a counterpart to Iron Golem. Iron favours power, Butter favours Knockback.