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The Butter Bro is an unlock-able class for Super Craft Bros, it costs 100 coins to unlock. It's used by many SkyDoesMinecraft fans because it's based off of him. This class was removed as of the For The Love of SCB Update.


  • Gold Ingot (renamed Budder Block) - Sharpness I, Knockback II (does 2.5 hearts of damage per hit)
  • Rose (renamed Fireball Flowers) - They can be thrown and explode on impact, also sets the opponent on fire (15)
  • Armor Leather (yellow)


  • Able to throw explosive fireballs


The Butter Bro is not much of a damage class. Its better to knock them off the map than just try to kill them. The 15 roses however can only be used once per life and should be used if you are in battle and can't take any more hits or your opponent has one last life. It may also be a good idea to hit your opponent with the flowers from afar then swoop in and kill them.


  • The Fire Flowers were buffed and can now kill anyone in 2 hits if "sweetspotted".
  • Costs 100 coins.
  • The Gold Ingot used to be Sharpness I but was buffed in the Mythical Update to Sharpness II. Then it was debuffed again.