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An overview of Butterscotch battleship.

Butterscotch is a map you can unlock for 30 gems. It is a battleship shooting a cannonball with a wake made of webs at a giant squid. It is a reference to SkyDoesMinecraft, a YouTuber and friend of SethBling. This map was removed from SCB.


The squid is a no teleport zone, but can be reached by all classes by jumping along the webs. It is a benefit to range classes to reach the squid first, especially if they are the only range class, as it makes other players a sitting duck jumping along the web. If your class has enderpearls and you jump off of the ship and enderpearl up into the bottom of the ship, you can get into a secret bunker, althought this will probably be seen as cheating.


  • Reference to SkyDoesMinecraft
  • The stage was edited so that cobweb trail was not so long.