Bunny Class Edit

180px-Killer Bunny

The Bunny Class is a pure melee class. You can use this class in the Easter month or if you buy the Easter pack.                

Armor: Edit

Head: A bunny head

Chestplate: Light Gray Chest

Leggings: Light Gray Leggings

Boots: Light Gray Boots

Weapons: Edit

Bunny Carrot: A carrot enchanted with sharpness 3 and knockback 1

Lucky Carrot: A golden carrot if you right click you get speed 2 and jump boost 2

Strategies: Edit

You can go in 1v1 versus all kits. But if you low you can run away to regenerate your life. You need to do this hit and run if you low. Simple.

This class not have mutch knockback then you need to hit mutch times you can.