Call me Mr.Flintstone, I can make your Bedrock :D. Young Money reference, btw xD.

Bedrock, or Bedrock block, is a VIP/Pro class that can deal quite a bit of damage with its Bedrock, and set people on fire to weaken them. The bedrock has a unique ability to turn invincible for 15 seconds by right clicking its bedrock. It is also the class with the highest defense, giving Protection 8 if all of the armor enchantments are combined.


  • Bedrock Power- Sharpness III, Knockback I When right clicked, makes you invincible for 15 seconds. This can only be used once per life.
  • Lava Bucket (Renamed The Day After Tomorrow) - When right clicked, puts a still lava block for a few seconds on all other players, dealing 2.5 Hearts of fire damage over time.
  • Leather Armor - Chestplate and Leggings have Protection 2


  • The Bedrock block is a decent Knockback item. Using near the edge of a map is recommended.
  • If you are in any kind of danger immediatly use the invincibility. Only use the invincibility when you are in a fight, not when you are being shot at.
  • Try not to go straight into fights, but when an enemy is close to the edge, go ahead and knock him off.
  • Use the lava bucket when someone is fighting someone else or just do a hit and run. The lava bucket does not do much damage, but it slows down and annoys the opponent.
  • The bedrock class also has high armor with enchants so you can take a lot of damage, also use invincibility to save yourself and escape in closed spaces.
  • There is an insane strategy to be used when there is a Summoner in play. When the Summoner throws his Charged Creeper, turn on your invincibility if you haven't used it already and stand next to it. It will blow up and you will have taken no damage at all. This is useful to get rid of the Creeper or to kill lots of others in play. Be creative with it!


  • Knockback classes will dominate you once your invincibility wears off, as the bedrock power does well against strong melee classes, but knockback classes can break down your protection, and send you into the void's stranglehold. Be EXTRA careful around the Squid, as it has a way to blind you, and will confuse you, then send you flying off the map.
  • Using Bedrock Power will provide you with a 15-sec Invincibility, but during the effect, you cannot deal damage and knockback. This is to prevent the class from being overpowered.
  • Be warned!: Even while you're invincible, you're still affected by Jeb's push ability or Notch's pull ability. This can be very problematic at times.