Might be weaker than most other classes, but makes up for its weakness because of its agility and nausea.


  • Red Mushroom - Sharpness 2, Knockback 2
  • Brown Mushroom - Sharpness 1, Knockback 1
  • Bucket of milk x2 - will removes speed boost
  • Leather armor

Abilities / DamageEdit

  • Infinite Speed II effect
  • Red Mushroom has a 20% chance to apply Nausea to its target for 7 seconds
  • Brown Mushroom knocks its target to the grown like the anvil's fall
  • 1 heart / 2 damage (Red Mushroom) [Non-Critical Hit]
  • 0.5 heart / 1 damage (Brown Mushroom) [Non-Critical Hit]


Run around combat, randomly hitting to give nausea, which can also be useful to give to people when you are trying to run away. You should use the milk when you have a negative effect, but if you are playing against multiple effect classes, the best time would be when you have multiple effects. Also try hitting players off the edge then using your brown mushroom and send them plummeting to the void.

Trivia Edit

  • The head belongs to a player called Mooshroom_Stew. Also the brown mushroom is kb 1 but its like kb 3 same with elf elf has kb 2 but it looks like kb 3 but the brown mushroom can also make enemy fall faster so its more good than most
Baby Cow class

Baby Cow class