Anvil is yet another class based on a block from Vanilla Minecraft. It costs 175 Coins. It is a strong melee class and can take other classes such as Chicken or Cactus head on.


The Anvil comes equipped with a set of grey leather armor and two items:

-A wooden sword enchanted with Sharpness 1.

-An Anvil named Fall!, when right-clicked, you fall in a faster rate with gray particles around you. Activating this skill in higher ground deals more damage to enemies in range. Has 3 uses each life.


Use the Anvil Class on maps with a lot of height to them, such as mountain or tropical, because the ground pound damage increases exponentially with greater fall height. Luring enemies to aerial combat is also a fairly good strategy, since you have a decent weapon for combos and damage. If you are falling with an enemy, you can also Fall! and give them a surprise...