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• 8/31/2013

Little improvements in the classes

I think a few classes would need to be improved in terms of equipment. Here are all the changes I would bring.

1. ButterBro's Ingot should have Sharpness II instead of Sharpness I, because it costs 100 gems.

2. Silverfish should have Knockback II on his hoe

3. Skeleton should have either Sharpness I AND Knockback I or Knockback II on his bone

4. Spider shouldn't give the poison effect ; but if we remove it, its eye needs to be Sharpness II and Knockback I

5. Zombie pigman should have his 3 spawn eggs back

6. Pig should have Knockback I or more

7. Ocelot's fish should have AT LEAST Knockback II and his Purr Attack should last 30 seconds

8. Snow Golem should have his 15 snowballs back, because the stick does only 1,5 heart of damage

9. Bat should have Sharpness III shears because it doesn't have any armor

10. Ender Dragon should have his 64 ender pearls back, because it's useless to nerf that

11. A few classes have a sword, but it doesn't make any sense with the class. TNT should have gunpowder as weapon, Ender Dragon an Ender Eye, a Dragon Egg or an Endstone block as weapon, Magma Cube a magma cream as weapon and Chicken a feather or cooked chicken ad weapon

12. Herobrine's potion should last longer. Come on, 5 seconds is nothing!

13. Star should have a higher Sharpness enchantment or a higher Knockback enchantment

14. Wither's Nether Star should have Sharpness I and its splash potions should last longer (like 15 seconds)

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• 11/2/2013
im with you 100% exept for the star. it is cheap for a reason
• 11/15/2013
I disagree only with the parts about adding sharpness to ranged classes because they are meant to need skill instead of going up and slapping someone in the face
• 11/16/2013

Actually, buffs were made to most of the class I named in this post. Go check it out!

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